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The Hacky-Sack Platformer


Hack or Die! KICKS new life into the traditional 2D-Platformer

  • HACK! Use your arsenal of kicks and stunts to kick the ball into the goal.

  • STUNT! Traverse obstacles and dodge enemies while juggling the ball in air.

  • DON'T LET IT DROP! If the ball touches the ground you instantly re-spawn at the last check-point!


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 Save kevin!

The evil Block-Head has captured your best friend Kevin the Dog!

Block-Head has captured Kevin. In order to save him, you must kick your way to victory!  Giant bosses and tons of enemies will test your hacky-sack skills! 


A perfect blend of tight but forgiving controls allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the unique kicking mechanics. Pull off insane kicks and save your best friend!                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                             LETS KICK!


Hack or Die! is made by one person. 

Indie Game development has always been a passion of mine. I am also a full time carpenter. I want to bring my craftsmanship to the world of video game design. I have had a lot of help from my amazing girlfriend and my awesome brothers! Special Shout Out to my brother Joe Crawford! Without him I couldn't do what I do!


The Facts

  • Kicking stuff is fun

  • Releasing on PC/Steam TBA 2021

  • 39 lovingly hand crafted stages

  • Massive bosses, collectibles and secrets

  • New Game Mechanics consistently introduced

  • Original art style designed to highlight game-play

  • Original soundtrack to keep you kicking all night

  • Casual play, insane speed running, anything in-between. Your choice​​

  • Kicking stuff is fun

"When most people see video games for the first time they want to play them... I wanted to make them!!"

       Colby Crawford developer of Hack or Die

Hack or Die! is my first commercial game.

Any help/support is appreciated! Thank you!

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